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January 2015

Peanut Butter ‘QUEST’ Bar Recipe

By Nutrition

After the Christmas and New Years antics are over,  the cold weather seems to really kick in. The Christmas decorations are pulled down and the left over alcohol stashed away.. ‘Dry January’ They all say.. It’s like the fun police came in and really fucked shit up. No more parties, no more naughty food, and defiantly no more fun…

This however, should not be the case. A new year is really time for new fun, new goals, new ambitions.. blah blah blah, sounds so cheesy but life really is what you make of it. If you allow life to become boring it will. There is this thing we all have. It’s like our safety bubble. I believe life gets fun and exciting when we push outside this safety bubble. This could be by trying new things, pushing yourself to achieve your new goals or purely doing something which scares you. If you plod along doing the same thing your whole life, guess what?… You will get bored. It’s inevitable. And what stories will you have to tell your kids…. grandkids… I wrote a super detailed post on my blog a few weeks back about goal setting for the new year. Please take a peak for some help on setting those new year’s goals, to push yourself to your limits and achieve great things!!!

In saying this, while you’re making your new goals, please take time to remember the things in life which are great. Every day I like to think of a few things I am grateful of. Today.. Right now.. I am grateful for bacon. MMMMMM bacon..  I am currently on a plane to India and just got served what looked like vomit in a bowl. To be fair, it didn’t taste…. toooo bad. But I want bacon. Today I am also grateful for my fabulous family I have who support me in everything I do. And finally I am grateful for cuddles. Because cuddles are great!!!! 😀

For many people weight loss is a goal this new year. Don’t hate the body you have now.. I hear so many people say ‘I hate my body. I will be happy when I’m slim’. Okay, your body may need some TLC and you may be a little over weight. But love your body, love the fact you have damn legs to go to the gym and train, and that you are capable of losing weight. Love that you can afford to buy healthy food to fuel your power house body, and love the game. Weight loss is just a silly game we play in life. If you live life a little less seriously you WILL be healthier and happier and you will lose weight quicker too!!

So remember to push your boundaries. Do crazy shit but don’t forget all the wonderful things you already have in life.

I am heading to Goa, India, to complete a 500hr yoga instructor course. Follow my time on Instagram @charliefrancisfitness

And for now… WHO LOVES QUEST BARS. Here is my super easy peasy protein bar recipe which is low in carbs, super high in protein, and is peanut butter flavour!! It don’t get much better than that.

Peanut Butter ‘Quest’ Bars


Makes 9

3 scoops of vanilla casein

8tsp/120g(ish) vita fiber (order from

12g/1tbsp PPB (powdered peanut butter)

40g 100% peanut butter

1tsp melted coconut oil


Firstly, combine casein and PPB in a small blender/nutribullet. Add the peanut butter and the coconut oil and blend until combined. You should kind of have a slightly lumpy powdery consistency at this stage. Now the tricky bit. Add around half the vita fiber to the mix and blend until combined. From this point you must only add very small amounts of viter fiber at a time, blending imbetween. When the mixture reaches a stage where you can just form it into little balls that stay together. Stop adding vita fiber. Too much will cause the bars to flop into a blob after forming them into shape. Add a little PPB to your work top to act as flour and roll the stiff mixture out, as if making cookies. Roll to approximately 2cm thick then cut into bars. Store in a container in the fridge to help maintain the shape of the bars and try not to eat them all at once.

Notes: Try adding a tsp of peanut butter on top of one. DEVINE!!

Peace, Happy New Year.

Flo’s Before and After Transformation

By Transformations



Flo Finch – Looking to loose fat

Charlie is amazing! I thought about doing the 12 week program for a while and finally got to the point where I just had to go for it and I’m so glad I did.

I literally knew nothing about nutrition or what to eat / what will help and what to do in the gym but it didn’t matter at all. Charlie makes everything so easy and clear and I actually started to enjoy going to the gym for once. I trained with her once a week and it turned in to the best part of the week, although I always ached the most after it, it was a very satisfying ache.

I struggled the most with my eating but Charlie was so supportive through out. She has loads of recipes on hand and really got to know me and what I like so it felt like a really specially tailored program. I learnt so much about how much to eat and when I can eat, which is ideal with hours I work as its not always easy to eat at normal times.

I would highly recommend Charlie to anyone, for the first time in years I started to actually like my body and how I looked in the mirror which is absolutely amazing as I have been so self conscious for so long. She is one of the loveliest and most intelligent people I know, her knowledge of all things gym and food is incredible and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Aran’s Before and After Transformation

By Transformations



Aran – Fitness Newbie

I really appreciate everything you have done for me. You have helped me so much, not only to lose weight, but to change my lifestyle.

From never exercising in my life to now coming in the gym at least 3 times a week, the experience has been life changing and what I have learnt will stay with me for life.

I feel much healthier than before because of the good habits you have taught me. I can now exercise happily.

Thank you Charlie for everything. You are the best!!

Tamsin’s Testimonal

By Transformations

Tamsin Hoskins – Teacher

I highly recommend Charlie Francis as a personal trainer! Charlie first began working with me in May for a 10 week block as part of her final PT assessment leading up to my wedding. Following this, Charlie wrote me a programme to build on my strength, conditioning and cardio fitness which she checks with me every week, including progression pics and weight.

Every session has been well planned with specific details for anything that I might find difficult or complicated. Charlie went through all exercises with me on the Tuesday sessions, prior to any further gym sessions in the week where new exercises were introduced. Any evaluations that I gave from the previous weeks were taken into account when the next week was planned and any exercises that I particularly struggled with were adapted or removed to allow me to gain the most from each session. Every time we discussed how I was doing, with time commitments etc. Charlie adapted my programme to ensure that I made the best progress possible.

During every Tuesday session I was pushed hard and I loved every minute of training (even if my face didn’t always show it!). Charlie has been so supportive throughout my programme and encouraged me when I needed it. I always felt safe and that even if I was tired I wasn’t going to be pushed further than I could manage so had complete faith that I could do whatever Charlie asked me to do!

This has all been complemented by the diet plan that Charlie has written for me, and she checked regularly if I was having any issues with the diet plan. I particularly loved all of the extra recipes for healthy treats that have been given to me to stop me eating unhealthy sweet snacks. Protein pancakes were incredible! Being able to eat 5 meals a day and be constantly full, without feeling ill or gaining weight or fat has been amazing!

I would recommend Charlie to everyone as a fantastic personal trainer! Who can get the most out of everyone!