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October 2015

George’s Before and After Transformation

By Transformations



George – Office worker looking to get fit

Prior to coming to resistance training, I had very little confidence in my abilities to make a real difference to my physical appearance. I was frustrated by the lack of results I wasn’t seeing and my own inability to stay motivated to keep going. This attitude was completely changed by Charlie.

As a trainer, Charlie respects that everyone comes to the gym for different reasons, and has different strengths and weaknesses. She pushes you to keep trying to better yourself, to surprise yourself, but never punishes you, criticises, or makes you feel like a failure when you can’t make it. She instead reminds you to know your own strengths, to feel proud that you are making a difference, and that there is always next time. A large part of this is due to her superior knowledge of sports sciences, the anatomy, and knowing the ins and outs of resistance training. With her guidance, support, and enthusiasm, I began to see real results from my training and started to feel better about myself.

Charlie also takes her responsibilities as a trainer one step further by actively getting involved in your diet and food plans. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of food, nutrition is staggering, and the advice and instructions she offers ensures that everything you putting out in the gym is returning to your body in a meaningful way during those rest periods.

Charlie is not only an exceptional personal trainer, she is an exceptional human being. She is kind, funny, bubbly and above all, nurturing. Training with Charlie has changed my life for the better.

I am healthier, more confident, I look better and I am more motivated in all aspects of my life.