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June 2016

Nut Butters

By Nutrition

Nutritionally packed of goodness, high in fiber and bloody delicious. Its silly to not include nut butters in your diet.

Nut butters are great on your oatmeal or granola.. on a bagle or crumpet.. Also made into a savoury satay sauce with your dinner. They are so versatile and can spruce up any meal.

Nut butters Cashew Butter

Cashew Butter does contain the lowest fiber content but the nuts are packed of nutrients including vitamins C,E and K. They also contain iron, magnesium, zinc and loads of antioxidants. Cashews could improve your heart health and bone strength. Cashews contain a type of flavanol called proanthocyanidins, which studies have shown restrict the growth of cancerous cells. The high levels of magnesium will aid recovery and prevent muscle soreness post workout.

Almond Butter

Almonds have heaps of fiber and contain Vitamins E and B2. Almonds are super high in antioxidants which help to protect against oxidative stress, which can damage cells and leading to aging and diseases like cancer. The magnesium levels in almonds can reduce blood pressure and control blood sugar levels.

Peanut Butter

Similarly to the almond and cashew nut, peanuts contain high levels of vitamins and magnesium which can promote muscle recovery. It also contains folic acid and olcie oil which is the healthy oli found in olive oil. Peanuts contain the potent antiaging molecule which is the same phytochemical found in red wine and grapes.


Tesco is going to charge you about £5 for 200g of Cashew butter which is just silly. If you head over to MyProtein you can get 1kg tubs of Cashew, Peanut and Almond butter. They also do a Triple nut butter which is all three nuts combined into one. This means in each serving you get the health benefits of all 3 nuts.

On MyProtein you can get a 1kg tubs of of all these nut butters for any price between £5 and £13  (depending which nut). With offers on you usually knock the price down quite significantly too.

With the release of flavoured nut butters you now have a massive selection of choice!

My favourite is coconut flavoured almond butter!!!

Mixing coconut almond butter with sweet chilli sauce and lemon juice is THE BEST sauce for a stir fry!!

I have done a ton of recipes on my blog using nut butters. Nut butters are great to use as a substitute of butter in cakes to keep a good constancy to a cake. Try my Peanut Butter, Sweet Potato Brownies. Super high in protein and loaded with antioxidants and fiber while being super low in sugar.

If you fancy something savoury. Try my Low Fat Hummus which contains peanut butter instead of loads of oil and tahini 😀