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Tamsin Hoskins – Teacher

I highly recommend Charlie Francis as a personal trainer! Charlie first began working with me in May for a 10 week block as part of her final PT assessment leading up to my wedding. Following this, Charlie wrote me a programme to build on my strength, conditioning and cardio fitness which she checks with me every week, including progression pics and weight.

Every session has been well planned with specific details for anything that I might find difficult or complicated. Charlie went through all exercises with me on the Tuesday sessions, prior to any further gym sessions in the week where new exercises were introduced. Any evaluations that I gave from the previous weeks were taken into account when the next week was planned and any exercises that I particularly struggled with were adapted or removed to allow me to gain the most from each session. Every time we discussed how I was doing, with time commitments etc. Charlie adapted my programme to ensure that I made the best progress possible.

During every Tuesday session I was pushed hard and I loved every minute of training (even if my face didn’t always show it!). Charlie has been so supportive throughout my programme and encouraged me when I needed it. I always felt safe and that even if I was tired I wasn’t going to be pushed further than I could manage so had complete faith that I could do whatever Charlie asked me to do!

This has all been complemented by the diet plan that Charlie has written for me, and she checked regularly if I was having any issues with the diet plan. I particularly loved all of the extra recipes for healthy treats that have been given to me to stop me eating unhealthy sweet snacks. Protein pancakes were incredible! Being able to eat 5 meals a day and be constantly full, without feeling ill or gaining weight or fat has been amazing!

I would recommend Charlie to everyone as a fantastic personal trainer! Who can get the most out of everyone!