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Individual Programming

Unlock your full potential

Why individualised?

Individualised coaching is absolutely game changing!!If you know that your current programme isn’t making you better or targeting your specific needs and goals, then working 1-1 with one of our coaches can help to get you back on track and reach your goals

How it works?

We pair you with the best coach to help you work towards your fitness and body composition goals! You will get FULL life-style and wellness coaching along with your training and nutrition programming to cover every aspect of your life, ensuring that we optimise from every level

Why you should sign up with Equation

By signing up with one of our coaches you are stepping into full lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and wellness coaching. We believe that if we want to get the best results from you, we have to cover all bases. After a full analysis of your life we can produce a programme for you which will help you overcome plateaus, build strength and skills, recover from injuries, feel amazing and look great!

Your training and nutrition protocols will revolve around your life and your preferences as well as the equipment you have access to. Everything is tailored to you.

And instead of just hoping that your technique is okay, your coach will be on hand to analyse your training videos, give you feedback and answer any questions you have along the way. And it won’t just be your training which is being analysed. We will ensure we keep you  in check with your lifestyle habits we set for you as well as the food you are eating.

Your coach will be on hand as much (or as little) as you like. Putting your trust in us allows us to take the guess work out of your training and lifestyle choices and sure you are on track for optimal results.

What you waiting for… Let’s get started!

Please fill in our application form below to get started.