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September 2016

Pulled Chicken Tacos with Baked Corn

By News

Mexican is my all time fave cuisine.. Although some how I have never quite been able to recreate healthy versions of the tacos you get in restaurants.

With years of faffing around with different pulled chicken recipes for my tacos, making the BBQ sauce from scratch and one time trying to boil the chicken (VOM), It has always been a massive fail.

Until…. I finally found the most easy recipe which I haven’t made from scratch, but its so easy and quick I don’t really care! It might not be quite as good as the oil laden, high fat shit you get it restaurants…  BUTTTT, its a great healthy alternative which is low in fat so perfect for a post workout meal. Its super awesome for meal prep and freezes well too 😀


serves 8


Preheat the oven to 140 degrees celsius

Place the chicken breasts (whole), garlic (chopped fine), onion (chopped fine) and bottle of BBQ sauce in a large oven proof pot with a lid OR a slow cooker. Cook for 2 hours then reduce the heat to 120 degrees celsius for a further hour. (if cooking in a slow cooker, cook on high for 1 hour and low for 2-3 hours)

Once cooked for 3 hours, remove all chicken breasts from the pot/slow cooker and shred each breast with 2 forks.

Slowly whisk all the corn four into the sauce left in the pot/slow cooker. Once all the corn flour is mixed in and the sauce has thickened slightly, put the chicken back in and mix sauce and chicken together. Place in oven again at 140 degrees celsius for a further 30 minutes (or leave on low in slow cooker for a further 30 mins).

While you wait for the chicken, place the sweetcorn on an oven tray, coat with little salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Bake for 20-30 mins on 140 degrees celsius.

I personally like my tacos kinda toasty. The easiest way to do this is to grill, maybe 3-4 tacos at a time under a low-medium heat for 30-60 seconds on each side. Make sure you watch close to see they don’t burn.

Finally, everything is cooked so to serve, wack the BBQ chicken on one of the toasty tacos, top with a little salad, a blob of sour cream and a sprinkle of coriander. Serve with the baked sweet corn on the side and boom… Healthy, fast, easy tacos which you can make at home, when ever you like 😀


Try serving with baked sweet potato instead of tacos 😛




Claire’s Before and After Transformation

By Transformations



Claire – Training to compete in Figure Competitions

I trained with Charlie 4-5 times a week for about 10 months while she lived in Australia. Charlie tailors each exercise and session to suit each individual person. I like to be pushed and during the time I trained with Charlie my strength increased significantly. I can now leg press 340kg for 10 reps! She also taught me about nutrition and how to read and react to my body and how it responds to food. I now eat twice what I did before I met Charlie and I have lost 5kg in weeks. I am now hoping to compete in my first figure competition next year thanks to Charlie. Charlie is not only extremely knowledgeable about training and nutrition, she is also one of the friendliest and most encouraging people I’ve met. She is greatly missed now she’s left Australia but is always there for me via email or text message.

I can’t recommend Charlie highly enough for a complete training and nutrition program.