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Strength & Conditioning

The backbone of any good training programme.

Maximises Athletic Performance

This is a discipline of training that has been around and used effectively for years. Strength and conditioning training maximises athletic performance and is the backbone of any good training programme. High intensity intervals, plyometrics, speed, agility and muscular endurance all build core strength and stability which helps to target (and smash) fitness goals.

Our coaching team boasts an extensive knowledge of the principles involved in strength and conditioning training. Their personal athletic achievements (as well as those of their clients) proves that first-hand experience gives them an incredible in-depth knowledge which gets results time and time again. Strength and conditioning training methods are incorporated into your programme to effectively overload the patterns, along with adequate recovery times, to slowly build adaption and progress in a safe and effective manner.

Using a strength and conditioning exercise such as high intensity interval training will increase a sports person’s threshold capacity, and will also increase a client’s metabolism which will assist in fat loss during a weight loss programme. Each and every client, no matter what their level or eventual fitness goal, can benefit greatly from strength and conditioning training to accomplish the healthy lifestyle and body changes they have always dreamed of achieving.

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Improve Mobility


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