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Improving Mobility

Increasing flexibility

Learn To Move The Body

Improving mobility increases flexibility and allows you to move a joint through its complete range of motion and stability, as well as gaining joint control and strength in that range. If you cannot achieve a wide range of joint flexibility, you will experience decreased mobility and non-fluid movements which can increase the risk of injury. If you have tight hips for example, this may impact the ability to keep your knees in the correct position over the toes during a squat which in turn will impede depth and torso position (putting pressure on the back). Because of this, improving mobility is a crucial component which we highlight within all client programmes.

When you learn to move the body through all its patterns with increased mobility, you will find that you can execute day-to-day activities more smoothly and without pain/discomfort. For sportspeople, increasing mobility encourages the use of the full of length of the muscle which can increase strength/power through a safe full movement range. Mobility training not only improves the range of motion, potential for strength and reduces injury, but it also improves mental health and recovery! Being able to relax into a stretching session will ease daily stresses, help to balance hormones and increase the speed of recovery.

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