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Gymnastics Skills

Numerous movement patterns using strict control

Gymnastics As Part Of Your Fitness

Gymnastics skill is training the ability to control your bodyweight through numerous movement patterns using strict control. Using gymnastics skills as part of your fitness routine helps you to build a solid, strict strength base and improves core control through the abs, glutes and lower back. Kipping is a movement where the body will arch, then hollow quickly, to create momentum in activities like pull-ups, muscle ups, handstand pushups, and even dips during workouts. Gymnastic skills is a good foundation before you start kipping; if you can gain strict control and develop a strong midline by developing gymnastic skills, then you will be able to express strength and kip safely and effectively.

We strongly advocate the importance of laying good foundations prior to kipping. If your upper body is strong enough to perform a strict pull-up then it will be able to effectively (and safely) carry out numerous kipping pull-ups.

Outside of Crossfit, a good gymnastics base is a crucial foundation for all athletic disciplines. If you can master your own body weight then you will be able to understand the feeling of full body tension which is important for all strength movements such as shoulder lifting.

Gymnastic skills can really help in everyday life too; being able to control your body, strengthen your midline and prevent your risk of injury makes you feel powerfully awesome!

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