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Aerobic Endurance

Aerobic endurance is crucial

Endurance Helps

Aerobic endurance is a crucial component of training programmes, especially for elite sportspeople or simply those looking for a health boost. The better you can transport oxygen around your body at resting levels, the better you can continue working through daily tasks and the lessen your risk of future health issues. Aerobic endurance helps with this.

Athletes from all disciplines know not to neglect their aerobic work. A strong aerobic system means you recover from high intensity bouts better during multi-day events and can perform at your optimum level. In simple terms; the stronger the heart, the lower your resting heart rate is which means the more efficient it becomes at delivering blood/oxygen around the body and removing waste (C02/lactic acid… otherwise known as ‘the burn’!).

Heart rate recovery is a direct performance marker for clients looking to pursue aerobic-based sports – the faster the recovery the better the performance. Our coaching team work on increasing aerobic endurance for CrossFit programming- the better you can complete movements and time scales using your aerobic endurance the better you can remain at certain paces before you ‘crash’, making it a key component to any programme. Aerobic endurance is also crucial for clients with weight loss goals and looking to reduce fat mass; this method is a non-intense method of increasing your calorie expenditure and targeting fat for fuel when prescribed effectively by our coaching team!

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