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Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting movements aren’t just for weightlifters

Weightlifting movements

The ‘snatch’, ‘clean’ and ‘jerk’ lifts seen in the sport of olympic weightlifting provide a powerful foundation in helping you to smash your fitness goals. Each lift requires a balance of strength, coordination, flexibility and stability which in turn aids the development of all functional patterns of the body.

Olympic weightlifting movements aren’t just for weightlifters – sportspeople across all disciplines have found lift training to improve their overall strength, coordination and skill. From rugby to crossfit, track athletics to football; using the foundations of olympic weightlifting helps you train harder and more effectively than ever before. Using lighter loads but maximising your movements is a proven way of developing yourself technically, whilst lifting heavier loads strengthens your core and can actually improve your speed (strength helps you run faster). Having strong leg muscles can also protect from injury and so weightlifting is seen as an essential for sportspeople who are serious about their training and the longevity of their sports career. For the everyday athlete, olympic weightlifting increases overall body strength which improves agility, speed and quickness.

Weightlifting movements have multiple variations depending on your goal and can be mastered quickly, such as the power clean lift. When properly designed, an effective strength training program will develop muscle, acceleration, body size and functionality to improve your performance on the playing field.

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