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Coach Support

Coach support is crucial

Good Coaching Relationships

The coach-to-client relationship is an important factor to consider when choosing your fitness coach. Good coach support is crucial to ensure that a programme works for you and that it is tailored to the individual. With a good coach relationship, you can chat about your progression and truly enjoy the experience of fitness training. If you enjoy the process, you’re more likely to succeed, remain consistent and smash those fitness goals.

We use the ‘Fitbot’ app at each training session so that we can gain immediate feedback from you about how each work out went, how you felt, and record videos of lifts and movements. We can then analyse your workout and performance, giving you hints and tips and effective coaching tips of things you can work on to improve. The online platform enables even more possibility for individualisation than the programme alone, and we find that clients really benefit greatly from the multi-faceted approach.

Each coach is deeply passionate in their area of expertise and committed to developing the best possible individual programme to suit your lifestyle and smash your fitness goals. In order to build a great relationship with you and develop trust, we offer a 24/7 contact service so that you can feel supported every step of the way. We are breaking the mould and want our programmes to build long-lasting progress, consistency and strong relationships.

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