EQ•STRONG (No Olympic Lifting)


EQ•STRONG (No Olympic Lifting) focusing on general strength and hypertrophy. £20 sign up fee plus £5 a week via direct debit

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EQ•STRONG is our classic strength programme. Charlie has put together some tried and tested training principles along with taking elements of the old Strength programme which people LOVED. Expect to see phenomenal results in both your training and physique.

This version of the programme DOES NOT include olympic lifting (Clean and Jerk and Snatch). If you would rather do the version of the programme with olympic lifting please see here EQ•STRONG

What is the focus of the programme?

  • Glute and posterior chain strength and hypertrophy
  • Front and Back squat strength
  • Upper and lower body strength and hypertrophy through accessory work and gymnastics

What does the programme include?

  • 60-90 minutes of training 5 days a week
  • TrueCoach account for tracking progress and results
  • Group Whats app for support
  • The Equation Training Nutrition Guide
  • An Equation Training T-shirt

Who is the programme good for?

  • Male or Female
  • People who have experience in squatting, deadlifting and pressing and are confident with technique
  • People wanting to improve leg and glute strength and hypertrophy with strict gymnastics
  • People able to train 5 days a week

What equipment do I need?

  • A squat rack
  • Barbell and plates
  • A suitable area for pull ups/scale to ring rows
  • Dumbells and Kettlebells

What is the cost of the programme?

  • After your initial £20 sign up fee the programme will cost £5 a week via direct debit.

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