EQ-Pregnancy Programme


EQ-Pregnancy Programme is designed to keep you fit and strong during your pregnancy to support your mental and physical health, birth and postpartum recovery

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The EQ Pregnancy Programme has been created by Coach Charlie after recently being pregnant herself.

Working out during pregnancy can be daunting if you don’t know what you should be doing. This programme has been designed so you can keep exercising throughout your pregnancy, helping with your mental health, strength for birth and to speed up postpartum recovery.

Charlie has taken the time to make some fun, safe and effective sessions for you to work though, designed specifically for which stage of pregnancy you are at.

First Trimester. Weeks 1-12

Not too much has to change at this stage although we cut out any olympic lifting immediately in our programmes. All the workouts are designed to be challenging at this stage but we are also considerate of possible morning sickness you might be feeling. Safe percentages are used for lifting and the goal of weeks 1-12 is to build a strong foundation in body and core to support you for the rest of your pregnancy.

Second Trimester. Weeks 13-27

As your bump begins to grow, more changes need to be made to your workouts. Most people feel the best through the second trimester, so expect to do some tough workouts which are designed to work around your bump. Core work is going to change drastically here to support pelvic floor and prevent abdominal separation

Third Trimester. Weeks 28-40

You will be feeling rather round at this stage and the bump really starts to get in the way. We use movements to work around your growing bump and ensure baby stays safe in there. The goal now is just to get moving. Workouts are shorter, much less intense and lifting is performed at a much lower percentage.

Who is the programme good for?

  • Pregnant females who have no complications

What equipment do I need?

  • Kettlebells and Dumbells
  • Bike
  • Barbell (can sub for dumbells)
  • Box (or suitable space for step ups)
  • Skipping Rope (Frist Trimester Only)

What is the cost of the programme?

  • £80 for each trimester or £200 for all 3