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Kato – Mum of 2

There’s only so long you can think about doing something before taking action… I must have spent a year, at least, looking at transformation pictures and reading testimonials before I decided it was time to take control. I’ve never been particularly over weight but I have never been fit either. I chose to do the 12 week program with Charlie as I needed to fully commit in order to stick with it. The thing that surprised me was how enjoyable the training sessions are. I’ve never used weights and resistance machines to any extent in the past, mainly focussing on the dreaded cardio. At first it seems too easy, why aren’t I puffing and panting? But Charlie takes the time to explain why and how training muscle groups works so well for calorie burning and re shaping your body. Plus the aches and pains in your legs and arms after a good train is all the proof you need that you’re working hard enough! I also learnt a lot about eating correctly and the massive difference this can make to not only your physical appearance but also to so many other aspects of life, from moods, to sleep patterns…. And the fact that having a game of football with the kids no longer made me feel unfit and unhealthy. So after the 12 weeks I dropped from a loose skinned 10st 11 to under 9 and a half stone. My waist has dropped 5 inches and I have muscles! Real muscles! Abs, triceps, quads!

I never thought that at 40 I could be in the best shape of my life. I’m beyond grateful to Charlie for taking me on and giving way the tools to maintain a healthy balanced life. Yes, I am that girl who drinks protein shakes and sometimes has to forfeit things so as not to miss a gym session but it’s the smallest price to pay to have a physique that I never considered could be mine.