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Kate – Mum of 3

I asked Charlie to devise a nutrition and lifestyle plan to help boost my fat and carb intake. For as long as I can remember I have always exercised and followed a healthy, low fat diet and have a sound understanding and real interest in nutrition…but as an (aging!) mum of 3 that can’t run anymore due to major ab surgery (the result of carrying twins!!) I was fully aware that my skin and body needed a boost to stay lean and strong. I have always been slim, due to the running, but after having the boys I had a real problem with bloating. The surgery in 2013 helped, but I was still experiencing problems and have never been totally happy with my stomach.

I knew of Charlie from the gym and liked her way of eating – I knew she would be able to help me improve my diet, reduce my bloating and help flatten / strengthen my stomach. And I was right! Not only has she introduced me to the best breakfast EVER, she also advised me to cut the cardio and do more ‘weight’ training. In just 1 week of following her advice I saw my stomach flatten dramatically, my legs felt strong and my skin looked healthier. Thanks to Charlie I feel lean and have more energy…she is such a good motivator, committed to you and your goals and knows her stuff! I would (and have!) recommended her services to anyone…she has really inspired me to learn more about health and nutrition.