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Damon Reynolds – Bodybuilder

I heard about Charlie through another friend who had some brilliant results. I myself have been bodybuilding /weight training for 2 years. I was happy with my progress but wanted to take the next step and start to look at my diet and nutrition to show off the muscles I had built under my layer of fat.
I did mention to Charlie that under no circumstances would I do cardio as its just not for me. Her reply was music to my ears “with proper diet control this wouldn’t be required to gain the results I wanted”. Charlie put me on a macros diet. I was shocked how many calories I was actually allowed. I emailed Charlie and she explained everything to me. I found charlie to be brilliant at returning any of my emails and text’s within an hour or two which is just brilliant.
My results for the 1st month were brilliant! Never before had I lost so much weight in such a short time scale. Charlie did ask me to eat more as she said I was losing it to quickly, but I felt myself being full all the time on this diet and I struggled to do so. Following on from my initial month im not as strict as I was when I was dieting but the weight has stayed off. I haven’t lost anymore weight but I can see in the mirror my body changing for the better and my waist is still shrinking.
On the short of it I found charlie to be very professional knowledgeable and caring in her role as mentor and I can’t thank her enough for pointing me in the right direction.