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A supplementary programme which can be added to your current training or one of our other programmes. £20 sign up fee then £4 a week via direct debit for the continuation of your commitment.

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The General Gymnastics ORIGINAL
3 sessions per week added on to your current training lasting 20-30 minutes. This programme is great if you want to work all gymnastics skills equally with a good amount of drills and practice alongside strict progressions and accumulation work (For example EMOM of Muscle ups/Pull ups). There are options to suit all levels on this template. All gymnastics programmes run in 12 week blocks split into mini phases.

What does the programme include?

  • Three days of training that can be added to current training schedule
  • TrueCoach account for tracking progress and results
  • An Equation Training T-shirt

Who is the programme good for?

  • Male or Female
  • Those looking to ether build on all gymnastics skills or work towards high end skills (Muscle ups, handstand walks) whilst continuing progress with the base skills (Pull up, T2B, HSPU etc)
  • People able to add 3x 20-30min sessions a week to their regular training

What equipment do I need?

  • Gymnastics bar/rig space
  • Dumbells/Kettlebells
  • Barbells and Plates
  • Resistance Bands

What is the cost of the programme?

  • After your initial £20 sign up fee the programme will cost £4 a week for via direct debit.


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