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Wednesday 15th July 2015 – 8 weeks ago….an unfit, unmotivated 55 year old plonked herself into Charlie’s hands. I wasn’t really a gym fan I actually hated going to the gym, pulling and pushing bits of machinery or jumping on and off a treadmill or cross trainer was my idea of hell. Unfortunately or I suppose fortunately a rickety back and an endless list of aches and pains made me realise I needed to make big changes. That’s when Charlie came to my rescue, she set out a food and nutritional plan which made me look at making healthier choices with my diet. Along with the food plan she set out an exercise/fitness program that I could easily use both at home and at the gym, her famous butt busting squats, stretches and lifting an Olympic bar, I can’t believe that I’m now the very proud owner of my own bar!
After only 8 weeks I find myself using gym equipment that I would never ever have gone near before let alone use. I feel fitter and healthier with so much more energy and no more aches and pains, Charlie always finds something new and exciting for you to try she’s tough on you, that’s why she’s really good at her job. I still find every session hard and tomorrow my feeble arms will be aching like mad unlike before I now enjoy, and when you hear her say “I want 10 more of those” …. you could cry …… this girl knows her stuff….. a brilliant motivator and mentor….she gets her 10 more ……and that’s such a good feeling.

Thank you Charlie you have brought the love of exercise back into my life x