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Laura Dickson – Teacher

My fitness journey with Charlie has been fantastic and I can’t recommend her enough!

I’d never put on weight until I suffered a knee injury, which ended me playing any type of sport. Consequently, I quickly gained weight and lost any shape that I had. I felt horrid and my confidence suffered! I was still able to train at the gym and did a ton of cardio but annoyingly couldn’t budge the weight. Often, I’d see Charlie training her clients and could see the huge changes in their bodies. I decided it was my turn to ask for help and change my body which was the best decision I’ve made!

Charlie analysed my diet (which was the main problem) and taught me how to train effectively in the gym to achieve my body goals. My diet wasn’t nutritious in the slightest and I was eating SO much sugar, a lot of it being hidden in yoghurt and other foods I didn’t think contained much sugar. I now track my diet and follow a higher protein diet which is also flexible so I can still eat the foods I enjoy. Charlie is full of nutritional knowledge and teaches you about the effect different foods have on your body- for me this was mainly the sugar. The food I eat now is healthy, delicious and gives me much more energy throughout the day.
Charlie’s PT sessions are fantastic and I always looked forward to them. She’s extremely encouraging and pushes you to train to your best. When training legs, Charlie took my injured knee into consideration and we often did single leg exercises so my good leg wouldn’t take over.

Charlie is a passionate, friendly personal trainer and treats each client’s individual needs. You can tell she loves her job as she gets just as excited as I do when I lose the weight! My only regret is that I didn’t start training with Charlie sooner.  I’ve lost nearly a stone and feeling great for it! She gives you the knowledge on how to lead a better lifestyle.  A better body, clearer skin, more energy and more confidence!!